House Party Toolkit

Public Education Voter: Yes on Prop CC

House Party Toolkit


  1. Prop CC House Party Overview 
  2. Prop CC Info House Party
  3. Voting and Ballot Collection House Party
  4. Sample Timeline and Agenda
  5. Sample House Party Invites
  6. Voter Registration and Ballot Collection Information
  7. How Else Can I Get Involved?


NOTE: This document may be updated as the campaign progresses. Please check back weekly. Here is a .pdf of this page.


Overview: Organizing a House Party

What is a house party? 

  • It’s a way to bring friends, co-workers, and neighbors into your home in order to share information about Prop CC and help them take action. 

What is the hosting commitment?

  • Two hours on average — allow 30 minutes for setup and 30 minutes for cleanup 
  • Invite 10 or more friends, colleagues, and neighbors
  • Have refreshments (appetizers, desserts, drinks, etc.) 
  • Have attendees sign in
  • Share information with attendees on what Prop CC is, why they should support it, and answer any questions they may have 
  • Recruit volunteers! 

What does Great Education Colorado commit to helping with?

  • Funding for food and drinks, if needed
  • Printing your materials, if needed
  • Giving you all of the background info you need to feel comfortable educating and answering questions about Prop CC

Materials Included in the Toolkit

  • Sample house party timeline
  • Agenda outline
  • Event sign in sheet
  • Sample email invite
  • Information on Prop CC

After the party - follow up actions

  • Email photo of sign in sheet, receipts, and feedback/questions to [email protected]  


Prop CC Info House Party

What is a Prop CC info house party? 

Invite friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to your home and share information with them about Prop CC, tell them why you’re supporting it, and explain why and how they should become a Friends and Family Organizer.

All the tools you’ll need

Voting And Ballot Collection House Party

What is a ballot collection/voting house party? 

Invite friends, colleagues, and neighbors to your home and share information with them about Prop CC and make sure they know when and how to vote in Colorado. If any of your guests haven’t registered to vote, you can hand them a paper voter registration form (linked below) or tell them how to register online. 

All the tools you’ll need


Sample Timeline and Agenda

Sample Party Timeline/Agenda Outline 


4:30pm - Event set up 

5pm - Start time: Allow 30 minutes for people to sign in, get drinks, snacks, and mingle.

5:30pm - Everyone introduces themselves (10-15 minutes)

  • Tell your guests why you support Prop CC.

5:45pm - Prop CC information (10-15 minutes)

For Prop CC Info party

  • Share information on Prop CC
  • Explain what it means to be a Friends and Family outreach member and why/how your guests should get involved


*What is the Friends & Family Outreach (FFO) Team? Team members will be added to an exclusive Facebook group and email listserv to work directly with the "Be an Education Voter" campaign. They will reach out to at least 10 contacts per week, either via text or phone call, about pledging to be an education voter. Each week will have a specific ask for friends and family outreach members to put out to their contacts (i.e. will you pledge to be an education voter and support Prop CC?, have you updated your voter registration?, etc.). FFO members will track who they have reached out to, along with how many touches they had with that person and what kind. Research will be conducted after the campaign to see how many of these contacts voted in the 2019 election.


For Ballot Collection/Voting Party

  • Share information on Prop CC
  • Go over voting and ballot information
  • Explain what it means to be a Friends and Family Outreach member and why/how your guests should get involved
  • Anyone who has their ballots can bring them for you to turn in (you can turn in up to 10 ballots, including your own)


6:00pm - Q & A (direct them to [email protected] if they have questions you can’t answer!)

7:00pm - End party 


Sample House Party Invites


  • 2-3 weeks before your event email the invitation and/or send out Facebook invite (whichever you’re more comfortable with)
  • 1 week before, follow up with people who haven’t RSVPed
  • 3 days before, send an event reminder 


Click the link below to view sample invites and follow-up emails. 

Sample invites


Voter Registration and Ballot Collection Information

Where can people check their registration and register to vote?

You can register or check the status of your registration online at 

You can also register to vote in-person. Find out where here:

Important dates 




Oct. 14

Last day to claim residence in Colorado in order to vote on November 5th

You must be a Colorado resident for at least 22 days before the election.

Oct. 28

Last day to register AND receive mail-in ballot


Oct. 28-Nov. 5

Vote in-person at a polling location

Find one near you: 

Oct. 29

We recommend this be the last day you mail in your ballot!

*Ballots must be received by 7pm on Nov. 5 — we recommend you don’t take any chances by mailing in after Oct. 29! 

Oct. 29-Nov. 5

Ballot drop boxes will be open

Look on your county website for nearest location

Nov. 5

Polls open from 7am-7pm - if you’re in line by 7pm, you’ll be able to vote




How else can I get involved to help pass Prop CC?

  • Love your smartphone? Become a public education digital activist with our cutting edge activism app that provides the tools, links, samples to leverage your digital impact.
  • Talking to friends and family is easy, right? Join our Friends and Family Outreach team and we'll set you up for simple, productive outreach. 
  • Help us raise the money we need to build a movement of public education voters! 
  • Request a presentation from Great Education Colorado!


Have questions? Need assistance? Email Hazel Gibson: [email protected]  

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